CBD Gift Guide For Valentine’s Day

CBD for valentine day

Isn’t it wonderful to confess your feelings to that one special person you admire the most? However, if you have planned something special to surprise your beloved, you might buy something unique. Make your darling feel loved, and you both will love spending quality time for lovemaking.

As we are in Valentine’s week, it’s time for couples to get ready and prepare something special for their sweetheart. Be it for yourself or couples, why not think out of the box to have something that improves your wellbeing and makes you happy?

Are you facing a dilemma to come up with some thought-provoking and intriguing ideas for this valentine’s day? Worry not; the CBD gift guide is here for you with wonderful options to leave your darling amazed!

CBD for Valentine’s Day

From the given varieties of CBD products, buy the suitable product to leave your valentine astonished. Surprise your soul mate with the products of CBD for valentine’s day.

1. EVN CBD SalveEVN CBD Salve

Give some relaxation to your weary muscles with EVN CBD Salve. Buy this CBD for valentine’s day as it will retrieve the strength to your muscles in a broad spectrum CBD hemp extract. It promotes rapid recovery of muscles, upgrading your potential to perform strenuous activities.

The essential eucalyptus and lavender oils are naturally infused in CBD salve for delivering the soothing effect to alert your senses. It does not consist of any THC content, so you will not get high.

EVN CBD Salves is a non-GMO and gluten-free product that third-party laboratories have verified to safeguard the interest of the coming and experienced users. It includes secondary ingredients: cold-pressed coconut oil and beeswax. CBD salves assist you in relaxing from pain by their application on the skin.

Eucalyptus renders a pleasing effect, and it absorbs along with other ingredients smoothly. It starts to kick in but differs from 15 mins – to 1 hour. For instant results, apply it gently after bathing or vigorous exercise.


2. Quim Smooth Operator CBD Serum

Quim Smooth Operator CBD Serum

Enjoy quality time with your beloved using Quim smooth operator serum produced from natural hemp CBD. This quality serum stimulates blood flow, reduces intense pain, and scales down the effect of the inflammation. It plays an essential role in being an agent in moisturizing your skin and restoring the glow.

It is a suitable product that relaxes your pelvic, undergoes smooth penetration, and regulates natural lubrication. It encourages you to devote highly affectionate moments to your mate on this valentine.

Quim smooth operator has been developed using the active ingredient Aloe Vera which behaves as an antiseptic and helps to push for vaginal elasticity. It has good compatibility with latex condoms to restrain from getting fungus or proliferating bacteria.

It is a water-soluble serum for more extended durability of intimacy. This product releases erotic vibes when applied to enjoy anal intercourse. It can be best paired with menstrual products for maximum relief from cramps.


3. Nanocraft CBD Lip Balm

Nanocraft CBD Lip Balm 

Nanocraft is a trusted brand that has come up with chapstick infused with CBD for valentine’s day. NanoCraft CBD lip balm helps you accomplish your kiss day by making your lips smooth and lush, with a mint aroma to enjoy smooching.

The presence of mint flavor sits to deliver the cooling effect and sustain the refreshment on the lips. CBD lip balm by Nanocraft helps moisturize your lips and rejuvenate them by repairing the chapped lips. It keeps your healthy lips well-hydrated for a more extended duration, making them soft and puffed.

Nanocraft CBD lip balm comes in a broad spectrum of CBD from organically grown cannabis based in the USA. CBD chapstick possesses the quality of cruelty-free, solvent-free, and non-GMO with anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties.

It is a lab-graded product available in 4 mg strength containing 25 mg hemp extract. It contains vital ingredients: cocoa butter, vitamin E, shea butter, sunflower, soybean, beeswax, and aloe vera.


4. Bison Hemp Extracts CBD Face Cream

Bison Hemp Extracts CBD Face Cream

Surprise your girlfriend by gifting her CBD face cream by Bison Hemp Extracts company this valentine. Being a female, you can also give this product to yourself to beautify your face more with CBD for valentine’s day.

This face cream is the best CBD for valentine’s day to retrieve the glow, restore the smoothness, and preserve moisture. It keeps the skin hydrated by preventing greasiness. This product has been made from pure hemp oil in full-spectrum CBD contents.

Bison Hemp Extracts CBD face cream comes in a jar of 60 ml having 250 ml CBD potency. CBD face cream provides nourishment with the help of natural root extracts of ginger. This ingredient has antioxidant properties to enhance the overall wellness of an individual.

It is formulated with absolute full-spectrum oil to upgrade the hydrous pouring by combining amalgamated lipids and proteins. It is a paraben-free product, having been assured through third-party lab testing.


5. Sativa Hemp Hair Conditioner

Sativa Hemp Hair Conditioner

Being a female, you have to go through heavy hair fall after every wash. Aren’t you fed up with changing your products frequently, just for the sake of true love with hair? You would be, indeed.

Get the best CBD for valentine’s day to protect your hair from intense damage, hair fall, or even dandruff.

CBD helps in providing proper nourishment to your any-length hair. It involves Sativa, a primary ingredient for granting nourishment to your scalp. It includes lemon myrtle and green tea for strengthening and smoothing your hair. The fusion of lemon and tea provides replenishment for dry strands and avoids hair fall.

Many customers have experienced the progress of using this product. Their hairs have become much more manageable. With minimal hair fall, the frequency of washing hair has decreased. Sativa Restore Hemp hair Conditioner makes the hair naturally smooth and soft. It promotes the healthy growth of the hair.


6. Her Highness CBD Facial

Her Highness CBD Facial 

There are many needs for your skin. You buy a product for skin with a specific purpose. It might diminish wrinkles, curb acne, hydrate skin, even your skin tone, and break out skin tanning. In the coming week, buy CBD for valentine’s day to glow on your date night with Her Highness CBD Facial.

Generally, you must have your facial every two months to balance the sebum production in acne-prone skin and let it glow. But, with this CBD facial, you will acquire soft plumpy, healthy skin based in California.

On this valentine, amaze your dearest with a CBD facial for her glamorous beauty. This CBD facial is formulated through CBD oil, including 1% of extra hydrating hyaluronic acid and omega enriched-buckthorn oil with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

It is a suitable product available at minimal pricing in a bottle for CBD 250 mg potency. For effective results, gently apply 2 -3 drops of facial on your skin. It will produce good results. Use it daily to get a royal look pairing with your reliable moisturizer from a CBD facial healthy booster.


7. Well Founded Eau De Parfum

Well Founded Eau De Parfum

Match the attractive vibe with your partner from Wellfounded Eau de Parfum for unisex. If you wish to buy the best CBD for valentine’s day, here is the call. Feel the closeness with a mind-calming scent.

When sprinkled and light in feel with good smells, it is a spray type. This product has been produced by the organically derived hemp grown on the farms of California.

Natural contents and strengthening plants exhilarate and send you to the magical world. Eau De Parfum is available in citrus scent and aquatic scent, releasing calming impacts on your body. It is an ideal product made for unisex.

It incorporates the essential ingredients: Linalool, Citral, Limonene, Water, Alcohol Denat., Fragrance (Parfum), and Cannabidiol. It has an incredible fragrance delivering aromatherapeutic effects for enhancing mental state. A 50 ml pack contains 90 mg CBD potency.


Here are some things to keep in mind, before you look at any product of CBD for valentine’s day. Check out the given pointers. 

  • Select any CBD product having a brand name
  • Look for the available lab reports on the website of the product.
  • Prefer to buy products in full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD
  • Ensure the THC content is Zero or below 0.3% only.
  • CBD products must be hemp-derived, based in the US.
  • CBD products must be solvent-free, paraben-free, pesticide-free, and non-GMO.
  • Lastly, contemplate the reviews given by the customers and purchase CBD within your budget.

Wrapping Up

Here we have CBD for valentine’s day that possesses many benefits to grant promising results, especially for skin treatment. It helps with acne, dryness, itching, infection, aging, and wrinkles and promotes overall wellness.

In a range of CBD products given here, use Well-Founded Eau De Parfum for attracting your valentine and Quim smooth operator serum to enhance your performance in lovemaking.

CBD products are available not only for women but also for men and for unisex. Say I love you with time-saving personalized gifts for valentine’s day to relive the special moments again. We wish you a memorable week with CBD for Valentine’s day.

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