Where to Buy CBD Oil in Wisconsin

Buy CBD Oil in Wisconsin

Is CBD Legal in Wisconsin? This question is driving crazy to the minds of many users. CBD appeared in the US state, after which many other states were in an attempt to use CBD legally. It is legal in 50 states of the US, having Wisconsin, a significant region producing industrial hemp. We must proceed forward to know about the legality of CBD in Wisconsin and where to buy CBD oil in Wisconsin?

As per the US Farm Bill, hemp production was legal in 2007, containing THC 0.0% content. It was revised in 2018, stating that legal hemp must have THC 0.3% or under it.

This blog aims to provide the answer to, is CBD legal in Wisconsin or not? We must proceed forward to know about the legality of CBD in Wisconsin and where to buy CBD oil in Wisconsin?

Top 5 Places To Buy CBD Oil In Wisconsin?

Read the content on the label and ensure that it is non-GMO, non-Gluten, 100% organic, and vegan. Read the lab reports to ensure that it does not contain solvents like heavy metals and pesticides. It must be free of all the contaminants.

But, many users are often confused about buying CBD oil through stores or online? Find your answers below. A user would find many offline stores and online sites to buy CBD oil in Wisconsin. We have seen some locations to buy CBD oil in Wisconsin.

Look below to find the nearest stores, to buy CBD oil in Wisconsin.

Wild Theory CBD Co.

Wild Theory CBD Co. is a high-standard brand producing quality products. It aims to deliver top-notch quality products with minimal prices for all users. It provides a wide variety of products in tinctures, capsules, and topicals. Being hemp sourced products, the brand ensures the quality of its products is pure and organic.

It provides quality sourced products to ensure the quality and purity of the Wild Theory CBD Co. It uses environmentally friendly practices to safeguard the user’s health. This company is based in Madison, Wisconsin, prioritizing the safety and accuracy of Wild Theory CBD Co. products to deliver positive outcomes.

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BATCH has attained its brand name in a second position selling CBD oil in Wisconsin. There is an interesting story behind the emergence of the company. It began with a group of college roommates, who came up with an idea to legally begin selling CBD oil. Gradually, their company expanded and climbed the stairs of success in no time.

This company aims to fulfill transparency with lab reports, authenticity with hemp source, and effectiveness for ensuring the user’s safety. They cater to naturally crafted products uniquely blended with the extracts of hemp sources. It provides a wide variety of CBD products for sleep and calming effects. Try out a pack of CBD Samplers to pick out the best one for you among them.


Canndigenous is one of the most trusted and high-quality companies selling holistic hemp products. This CBD company based in Cambridge, Wisconsin, is owned by a Native American named Rob Pero, who tries to retrieve the culture of his ancestors. It provides naturally rooted strains and 100% organic strains with a variety of quality aromas to affect your senses with promising results for your well-being.

Canndigenous has made a network of buying, selling, and collaborating for wholesale products. There are varieties of CBD products (strain, bud bar, and wholesale) that they have produced, each benefiting a user with standard quality.

Canni Hemp Co.

Canni Hemp Co. produces cannabis-sourced products in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This company is a premium CBD dispensary in Milwaukee that promotes your well-being. They use locally sourced ingredients to create tinctures, edibles, and the salve of the best quality.

Canni Hemp Co. delivers positive results for mood enhancement, pain management, and the internal wellness of an individual. It caters to convenience and speed – fast delivery within 24 hours. It has brought a fine of CBD products that are perfectly handmade using exclusive formulas to benefit every user.

Price land Hemp

Price land is Wisconsin’s first authorized CBD dispensary, established back in 2018. It was named after Joel’s grandfather Price working as a farmer in the Black River Falls in Wisconsin. This company manufactures CBD oil in a pack of 3 and 6. It has also brought CBD edibles, topicals, and hemp flowers. They ensure the user’s safety with THC under 0.3% and natural ingredients.

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Is CBD Legal In Wisconsin?

Yes, CBD is legal in Wisconsin. It has been legal since March 2017, when Governor Scott Walker approved the possession of CBD in Wisconsin. In 2014, CBD was valid by Assembly Bill 49 to cover medicinal purposes under Lydia’s Law, referred to as Wisconsin Act 267. Medical regulations were imposed strictly, permitting it to be only admissible not only for patients having seizures but for other ailments too.

With the support of this senate bill, the farmers were able to produce industrial hemp, which made Wisconsin a part of 30 legal states for having CBD. CBD was added under the Controlled Substances Act and removed from Schedule I to signify that it holds THC 0.3% or less content.

Then, a Hemp Pilot Program was launched under Senate Bill 188, in Wisconsin Act 68. It is approved for the production, marketing, and consumption of CBD oil and hemp-derived products. Continuing Appropriations Act under Section 122 was scheduled on October 1 to prolong the industrial hemp program. It led to the outlawing of the Wisconsin Act 68 on October 31, 2020.

The US Food and Drug Administration (USDA) reserved CBD as therapeutic. CBD is a dietary supplement used for medicinal and recreational purposes to treat various ailments.

Hemp-derived CBD is legal, but from Marijuana, it is illegal. Earlier, CBD was used for medicinal purposes, but CBD was legal soon after. The US Farm Bill sanctioned the Agriculture Improvement Act on December 20, 2018. It is suggested to have THC content, of less than 0.3%, else it might create adverse effects and display psychoactive behavior.

According to this Farm Bill, a user must be 18 years and above to possess CBD. They must have a written certification to use CBD for a particular purpose, and else it would be illegal to have its control.

Final Words – Should I Buy CBD Oil Offline Or Online?

CBD is a highly researched cannabinoid available in edible, tincture, topical, vaping, and sublingual forms. CBD contains many potential health benefits, for which many users rely on using it. CBD helps to lower anxiety and exhibits anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

In recent years, we observed the growing CBD oil market in Wisconsin. CBD is a dietary supplement sold offline and online. Look for a brand name, hemp type in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or Isolate, and concentration level of CBD and THC. The barcode on the CBD product will direct you to the lab reports (certificate of analysis) and batch code to buy CBD oil in Wisconsin.

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