Is CBD Effective For Joint Pain?

CBD for Joint Pain

Is your joint pain getting intense daily, and are you also fed up with changing your products every month? Using CBD for Joint Pain is favorable for you because it is an anti-psychoactive compound having no sedative effects. The benefits of using CBD for joint pain provide support for alleviating intense pain or injury. The cooling effects of CBD ointment give maximum relief and relaxation from the pain.

CBD Ointment is favorable because it eliminates the discomfort resulting due to Arthritis and joint problems. It also helps in lowering the effect of inflammation and swelling in joints. Let’s discuss the effectiveness of CBD for Joint pain, after obtaining knowledge on CBD ointment and how it can be used.

CBD Ointment: What Is It?

CBD ointment comes in topical form to apply on the painful portion for attaining pain relief. It is easy to bring into application because you can take a small ounce of ointment in your forefingers and spread it gently on the affected area. But, you need not worry about the strength, because many producers have purposely produced CBD for Joint Pain at different strengths in a full or broad spectrum, infused with CBD oil, lavender, and menthol effects.

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Causes Of Joint Pain

There are various reasons for Joint pain that are still not identified, but some of them are mentioned here. Have a look:


It is a condition of having stiff joints, leading to inflammation and intense pain affecting your daily activities. Joint pain is one of the symptoms of arthritis including intermittent pain, and reduction in movement. Other reasons are rickets, fibromyalgia, lupus, sarcoidosis, and others.


Osteoarthritis is a condition when bendable tissues from one of the bones get fatigued. Initially, the protective cushion present between the bones gets fatigued leading to stiff and painful joints. In this case, osteoarthritis starts developing till the middle age of an adult.


Gout occurs when the uric acid starts developing in the blood, leading to inflammation in joints. Causes of gout pain are suffered by a woman having postmenopause or a middle aged man. It can genetically come from parents, siblings, or any other family member. Consumption of excessive alcohol, taking medication, or having serious health conditions like High blood pressure, thyroid disease, kidney disease, sleep apnea, or diabetes.

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How Effective Is CBD For Joint Pain?

  • CBD is an abridged version of cannabidiol, a compound in cannabis plants. The plant contains hundreds of cannabinoids, some known to have medicinal properties, and CBD is one of them.
  • CBD oil is derived from hemp plants. It contains no THC (the psychoactive compound found in marijuana) and is legal in most countries.
  • A medical research study published in the Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research revealed that among individuals using CBD for medical treatment, in which around 36% of respondents observed it to be effectively good. CBD also exhibits promising benefits to curtail the symptoms of PTSD, Anxiety related issues, and disorders. It is also known to relieve pain and inflammation as per a given study report.
  • Using a topical CBD for Joint pain features in helping to ease joint pain. It can be applied topically over joints and is suitable for arthritis sufferers. It’s often used for treating chronic pain conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, and other joint problems.

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Other Treatments For Joint Pain

Being an individual, you can go for various options like home treatment, medical treatment, and self-treatment. Come forward with us to know how you can have these treatments.

Home Treatment

Home treatment is the ultimate way to manage your Pain because it will be easier for you to stay healthy. Most doctors consider Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis to be chronic health conditions, yet there is no resolution found.

For home treatment, an individual can apply topical pain reliever balms and ointments to the painful region. They can ingest anti-inflammatory drugs that would lower the inflammation, swelling, and pain for the time being. Doing moderate exercises and applying for fitness programs would keep you fit and physically active. Stretching helps in the flexibility of your bones, and you can handle the motion of joints nicely, resulting in less stress. Also, getting a body massage, warm bath, and regularly stretching exercises along with sufficient rest are good remedies for home treatment.


Self-treatment includes physical exercises like stretching and moving muscles for incredible flexibility. It will help you to do daily tasks and will not create any disturbance in regular movements and activities. Apply ice packs on occurring Pain, and you will get relaxation.

Medical Treatment

For an excellent medical treatment, you must have a visit to the doctor. He will provide you with medications that will help you alleviate pain or some topical balm to apply twice a day. You may also have a health test to check whether this Pain isn’t from any disease or health problem. So, it is better to find appropriate options to get relief from pain.

Generally, most of the Pain occurs in hips, knees, feet, elbows, back pain, muscle pain, or neck pain. Do not ever ignore your health, as it might surely lead to severe conditions that might degrade your health. So, it is essential to have regular checkups for Pain in any part of your body.

Joint Pain is widespread nowadays, but one can never know what problems it could lead to? Knee pain has also become common, along with hip and shoulder pain. The Pain could spread from ankles to feet to knees, shoulders, and elbows.

Final Words

You might have read all about the effectiveness of applying topical CBD for Joint Pain along with having an overview of joint pain, its symptoms, and its causes too. CBD is a highly researched cannabinoid due to which many people have trusted the effectiveness of CBD products for various mental and physical health problems.

However, through the research studies or study reports, CBD proves itself for being potentially helpful in the treatment of joint pain. With pain relief comes comfortable sleep induced by CBD. As a study report suggests that CBD is favorable in reducing anxiety and regulating sleep issues too.

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