Hemp Terpenes: Everything You Need To Know

Hemp Terpenes

Along with the comprehensive knowledge about a concept, you need to be acquainted with the key terms related to it – like hemp terpenes. They are the fragrance scent compounds detected in plants. Particularly, medical key terms related to hemp are prominent in the medical industry. Much of the research has been performed on cannabinoids, in the midst of which some key terms come forward.

So today we are going to know a key term – Hemp Terpenes. Get to know everything about Hemp Terpenes with the help of this blog. Information about terpenes, including some common terpenes, medical benefits, and effects. Apart from this, know the relationship of Terpenes with the other cannabinoids.

What Are Terpenes?

To know what Hemp Terpenes are, you must be clear about its (Terpenes) meaning. They are present in almost every plant, from the most unattractive to healthy growing plants. They are the compounds liable for providing the essence, flavor, and aroma to the plant.

Terpenes have been related to cannabis numerous times because they pre-exist within the cannabis in high concentrations. They induce the scents of cannabis pine, lavender, rosemary, fresh orange peel, as well as animal scents too.

Features Of Terpenes

Most of the plants are blended with the scents of terpenes to prevent them from having fungal or bacterial. Not just this, hemp terpenes include various health benefits, and being aligned with cannabis they are considered safe.

  • Using the Isolated terpenes, scents are incorporated into the products infused with cannabinoids. These products are bath soaps, perfumes, and edibles too.
  • Terpenes are very essential in taking care of the plants, by engaging pollinating ones or some that have a strong essence to chase away the predators.
  • Terpenes help in implementing the immunity of a plant by protecting it from deteriorating or having been infected by germs.
  • They are pre-existing essential oils in the plant, which when oxidized become Terpenoids. But, both of them have no similarities.

Chemical Structure Of Hemp Terpenes

The chemical structure of Hemp Terpenes is followed by an attached isoprene unit of five carbon, including 2-methyl-1, and 3-butadiene. It can be written as C5 H8, known as Isopentane.  Mainly there are 2,3,4, or 6 isoprene units. They are known as monoterpenes, diterpenes, sesquiterpenes, and triterpenes. These units can be linked from head to tail, tail to mid, or tail to tail. Each monoterpene has a similar chemical structure C10H16.

How Do Terpenes Function?

Terpenes function either with the help of pharmacological or psychological aspects. A study report published in 2009, suggests that the impacts of terpenes are highly favorable. They can be easily interpreted through the given aspects.

The pharmacological facet suggests that terpenes have the ability to directly affect and interact with our central nervous system, endocrine system, and nervous system. On the other hand, the psychological facet suggests that terpenes improvise and modify accordingly, through smell. A study published in 2003 suggests that a total of 15 subjects between 18- 34 years observed that smell modifies that mood, anxiety, the intensity of pain, and feeling unpleasant.

Does Hemp Have Terpenes?

A given Journal titled, Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids, convey that pre-existing compounds in the hemp plant detected the proportion of terpenes using advanced methods. Plenty of terpenes and terpenoids were assessed in the samples of the hemp plant.

Varieties Of Terpenes In Hemp

In the same journal, it is stated that scents of hemp and cannabis and compounds for the prominent terpenes were evaluated. The major terpenes were found to be 108 analyzed chemotypes having 58 distinctive terpenes.

Different range terpenes in the chemotypes were found are given below:

  • 44 terpenes in 54 chemotypes of cannabis herbs.
  • 27 terpenes in 46 chemotypes of cannabis essential oils
  • 17 terpenes in 8 chemotypes of hemp essential oils.

How Is Hemp Seed Oil Different From Terpenes?

Hemp seed oil and terpenes are different as the seed oil excludes terpenes. It is an essential carrier in the hemp plant that connects with the pre-existing endocannabinoid receptors in the body.

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Common Types Of Terpenes

However, there are some common types of terpenes available, depending upon their chemical composition and size. There are almost 20,000 terpenes out of which 200 have been known with the support of hemp and 60 terpenes of them have been studied. Let’s move forward to learn about the types of industrial hemp terpenes.


It is one of the most prominent and first-ever types of terpene. It is a commonly found terpene that could be easily recognized with its graceful scent. Limonene can be taken into regard as a dietary supplement and harmonize the behavior of immune cells to support the body from having health disorders. Its name only suggests that it is formed with a blend of orange and lemons infused with citrus aroma. It makes you feel more energetic, refreshed, and alert.

A research study reveals the high potential and promising health benefits. It caters to the therapeutic properties of being antioxidant, antibacterial, antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, and combats cancer.


There is plenty of linalool content present in the lavender, granting the enriched fragrance in the flower. The most appropriate use of this compound is in aromatherapy. Along with this, it has the capability to produce calming effects with the scent of essential or lavender oil. Evidence conveys that Linalool is effective on the body, but more research is necessary to understand its promising benefits on health.

As per a research study, this type of terpene can affect the body in many ways, highlighted by its properties of anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, antidepressant, antimicrobial, and anticancer.


Myrcene is a highly influential antioxidant. In a given study report, observations were made from experiments on mice. It reveals that Myrcene shields the central nervous system from oxidative damage, followed by a stroke. It safeguards the heart tissues too, as per a research study.

Researchers believe that Myrcene is a type of terpene that could prove to be a useful treatment for ischemic stroke. 200 mg of highly concentrated Myrcene is primarily used for experiments.

Myrcene behaves agonist to osteoarthritis pain, as per a study report. It produces anti-inflammatory effects too. It is present in thyme, hops, lemongrass, and cannabis flowers too.


Pinene is a naturally originated terpene that contains a refreshing and light scent from plants like pine needles, basil, and rosemary. It comes in a pair of a-pinene and b-pinene and possesses many therapeutic aids. A study report suggests that the proportion of pinene that exists in a healthy forest grants healing effects. It provides fresh breathing air to your lungs, being a bronchodilator. It holds the properties of anti-inflammation and antibacterial.


Humulene is present in ginger and cloves plants. Here are two research studies regarding this type of terpene. It is a fundamental constituent of the Hop plant. A research study suggests that, if Humulene is present in the terpenes then it becomes capable of inhibiting allergies and breathing problems of Asthma. Whereas, in animals, it prevents the allergies from inflammation.

In another research study, humulene was identified to be acting as a  shield or protective in some of our body cells, like Cancer. It inhibits the growth of cancer cells and avoids debilitating conditions. But, still, there is more research needed.

Other Terpenes

The remaining other terpenes are Beta-Caryophyllene, Phytol, Geraniol, Ocimene, Terpinolene, 1,8-Cineole, Citral, Eugenol, Menthol, Sabinene, and Nerolidol. These are a highly active presence in the terpenes in abundance. Some research has been conducted on them clarifying their behavior and properties too.

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Hemp Terpenes In Different Spectrums

Hemp Terpenes are available in different full spectrum, broad spectrum, and Isolate forms. Under this head, you will know whether Terpenes are present in these spectrums of hemp extract or not. Proceed further, to know more.

  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract – It includes all the components including terpenes, cannabinoids, and even THC. But, the THC ratio is below 0.3%, which makes full spectrum products highly efficient.
  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract – It is a bit similar to full spectrum, with the only difference being that it does not include THC. It is the reason why Broad Spectrum is also known as Zero THC.
  • Isolate type – It is referred to as the Pure type of Hemp Extract, having no THC or components.

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Benefits Of Terpenes

Let us delve into the benefits attained by the highly potential Terpenes. Have a look.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Sabinene, Pinene, Myrcene, Limonene, Geraniol, 1,8-Cineole, and Beta-Caryophyllene are the types of terpenes containing anti-inflammatory properties. They have the ability to render soothing relief from the impact of the inflammation. Terpenes help in diminishing the effect of intense inflammation.

Antibacterial Properties

Terpenes have antibacterial properties to control the proliferation of germs and prevent the body from having diseases caused by microbes. They secure our skin from getting deteriorated and control the excessive production of sebum because else it will induce the development of acne on the skin. It helps to moisturize, rejuvenate, and cleanse the skin.

Pain Relief

Beta-Caryophyllene, Citral, Geraniol, Myrcene, and Pinene are some of the terpenes having the characteristic of rendering relief from intense pain. They are effective in curbing the pain in any area and give soothing relief so that you can work and sleep peacefully.

Muscle Spasm Relief

Terpenes help to provide relief from muscle pain. Any product infused with terpenes releases soothing effects when you apply any CBD salve having terpene on the affected area to counter the pain with the motive to attain maximum relief in the muscles.

Antifungal Properties

Terpenes have antifungal properties to secure our body from the fungus, else presence of fungus will destroy and create mishaps in the functioning of the body.

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Are Hemp Terpenes Safe?

Yes, Hemp Terpenes are safe to use, here are the given ways to utilize terpenes in their best manner.

  • An individual can easily dilute the hemp terpenes into the carrier oils and beverages to attain the advantages of maximum potency.
  • The primary role of the terpenes shows its characteristic when blended into the product to produce fragrance, and keep the skin moisturized. It is necessary that you wear gloves to protect your hand from getting burnt or injured, during the product formulation.
  • Do not inhale the terpenes directly, else it will create irritation in your body. Keep some ventilation space to inhale their fragrance.
  • Ensure the verification from the third-party labs to provide a safe product to the potential users.

The Bottom Line

Through this blog, potential readers will obtain full-fledged information about Hemp Terpenes. Everything that you need to know about its working, types, chemical structure, benefits, whether they are safe, and varieties. We hope that all the users might have attained information regarding the hemp terpenes, which are mostly left undiscussed when it comes to talking about the ingredients in any product infused with cannabinoids.

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